Welcome to the BCEES youth empowerment program; a captivating and diverse initiative that showcases the incredible talents of young individuals in London, Ontario. This empowerment program aims to uplift and celebrate the talents and aspirations of today’s youth, creating a platform where their abilities can shine and inspire others.

Miss Face of Black Beauty London Canada

The youth empowerment program includes a dazzling Miss Face of Black Beauty pageant (London Canada); where confident and charismatic participants take center stage, captivating the audience with their grace, poise, and intelligence. Each contestant radiates their unique personality and showcases their individual beauty, both inside and out. The pageant highlights the importance of inner strength, self-confidence, and embracing one’s true self.


Talent Show

The BCEES youth empowerment program also includes a talent show; the culmination of our youth empowerment program. Experience electrifying performances by musicians, captivating dances, stunning fashion, inspiring visual fine arts, and hilarious comedy. Witness the diverse talents of our youth as they ignite the stage with their creativity and passion, leaving a lasting impact on all who attend.